YouViVi di Lala..! Hier spielt die Musik


We will work as hard as possible to bring out perfect danceable stuff of our artists to "You". Making a good business for all involved, always considering the needs and wishes of our artists will be one of our big challenges.
YOUVVMUSIC is fronted by Markus aka. K-Freak, additionally consulted by a lot of helping hands in the background. Each of them have enjoyed the great techno generation. In the last 10 - 15 years, they have had incredible moments and a lot of fun. Markus and Martin agreed, the time has come to give something back! One of our main goals will truly be to become a part of technoculture, who can save the spirit of this,our beatculture.
YOUVVMUSIC "MORE effect": We promote, support, teach, consult and submanage "You" wight your goals for techno, house from deep till tech or minimal music. Producer, known, already famous, or still unknown and upcoming, "You" are welcome! Send us your DEMO with some info about “You” and your ideas. Use soundcloud private track or send your 2-3 min. demo to: demo@youvv-music.com and catch your chance to become a part of us! YouViVi di LaLa..!

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